Career: Legal

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Biochemistry Patent Analyst

      Company:          Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Education and Research       Posting Date:    25 Feb 2024

Associate Lawyer

      Company:          Accendolaw       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Corporate Legal Counsel

      Company:          BAT       Posting Date:    24 Feb 2024

Legal Advocate

      Company:          Open Heart Community Health and Rights Development Initiative       Posting Date:    25 Feb 2024

Legal Officer

      Company:          ARM Hold Co.       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Quality Assurance And Regulatory Affairs Officer

      Company:          Lasec® Group       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Asistente Legal Con Título De Abogado

      Company:          Empresa: Gescom S.A.       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Asistente Legal Migratorio

      Company:          Costa Legal CR       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Colegio De Enfermeras De Costa Rica Requiere Asesor Legal

      Company:          Colegio de Abogados y Abogadas de Costa Rica       Posting Date:    23 Feb 2024

Counsel / Abogado

      Company:          Phoenix Tower International       Posting Date:    22 Feb 2024