Career: Humanitarian

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Gender And Sexual Diversity

      Company:          Makerere University       Posting Date:    01 Oct 2023

Human Resources And Immigration Specialist

      Company:          Unify Dots       Posting Date:    01 Oct 2023

Media And Social & Advocacy Consultant Hybrid

      Company:          Manpower Outsourcing Services Inc.       Posting Date:    02 Oct 2023

Gender And Financial Inclusion Consultant Somalia Rapid Progression

      Company:          African Union – Interafrican Bureau For Animal Resources       Posting Date:    30 Sep 2023

Livelihood Economic Strengthening Officer

      Company:          SHDEPHA       Posting Date:    29 Sep 2023

Qssu Total Cdo Community Development Officer

      Company:          Q-Sourcing Servtec Group       Posting Date:    29 Sep 2023

Resettlement Expert

      Company:          United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees       Posting Date:    28 Sep 2023

Child Development Officer Sponsor Donor Relations

      Company:          Ndeeba Worship Centre       Posting Date:    27 Sep 2023

HR Recruiter For Animal Shelter

      Company:          Sarvoham Animal Foundation       Posting Date:    26 Sep 2023

Humanitarian Affairs Officer / Hao / Government Liaison

      Company:          United Nations Development Programme       Posting Date:    26 Sep 2023